Financial Policies

Think you can’t afford a private education? Think again!

Tuition revenue, fundraisers, and congregational support from Trinity Lutheran Church fund Trinity Lutheran School. The timely collection of tuition is a necessity for the efficient management of the school’s financial situation. Therefore, the Board of Education, in Christian love and concern, has instituted this policy to assist in the effort to exercise responsible stewardship. Tuition and other fees are payable to Trinity Lutheran School.  Students whose families have not satisfied their tuition obligation for any given year may not be allowed to register at Trinity Lutheran School in subsequent years.


Tuition Schedule for Kindergarten-8th Grade — 2024-25




First Student



Second Student



Third Student



Fourth Student



Tuition Schedule for Preschool 2024-25

Full Day – $3000/year
Half Day – $1750/year

No other tuition or fees (except for usage fees, such as lunch and field trip fees, etc.) will be charged.


Families may take advantage of the following discounts:

Full Payment in August


Semester Payments


Discounts may not be combined.


Tuition Payment

Parents may choose one of the following options:

  • Pay in full in August

  • Pay in two payments, one per semester (August and January)

  • Pay in ten monthly payments (August through May)


Financial Aid and Tuition Offset Programs

Because we believe enrollment at Trinity Lutheran School should not be limited to families who can afford to pay full tuition, we offer a financial assistance program to ensure a Christian education is available to as many as possible. Aid will be granted by the executive committee consisting of the principal, pastor, and the Board of Education for each school year.  The following outlines the school’s financial aid policy:


  • The school will allocate up to 5% of its total tuition received (the number of students multiplied by current tuition rate) each academic year for annual financial hardship assistance.

  • A small portion of this financial assistance pool may be held to assist families with unexpected financial shortfalls during the school year.

  • Families can annually receive up to half of their children’s total tuition obligation in financial aid. 

  • If a student is withdrawn from Trinity Lutheran School for any of the following reasons, all financial aid from the following semester will be revoked, and all tuition for the current year, as well as any tuition that is unpaid from previous years, will remain payable in full:

    • Suspension or expulsion

    • Withdrawal to attend another school, either public or private, in the greater Centralia and/or Nashville area 

    • Withdrawal to homeschool within the greater Centralia and/or Nashville area

Qualifications & Consideration

  • Families that are not members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoyleton are asked to first approach their own congregation for financial assistance.

  • As a guide, only families qualifying for reduced price or free meals as defined by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s most recent “Income Eligibility Guidelines” will be considered for financial aid.

  • Families experiencing significant life change situations or unforeseen financial hardships such as catastrophic medical bills or casualty losses not covered by insurance may also qualify.  Limited financial resources in these situations must be demonstrated.

Applications & Decisions

  • Applications and the USDA income eligibility chart are available from the school secretary.

  • Families are asked to submit one of the following:

    • An application for tuition assistance along with a copy of their most recent IRS tax return as proof of household income.

    • An application for tuition assistance along with an application for free and reduced lunch for the current school year

  • Applications submitted prior to the upcoming school year in which the funds are being applied for will be given priority.  Applications submitted after the first day of school will not be guaranteed aid.

  • All decisions will be confidential.

  • The school reserves the right to revoke financial aid at any time, but only with ample warning and discussion with the family.