Mrs. Francee Kasten

Francee Kasten is the Kindergarten teacher at Trinity Hoyleton. She has been teaching at Trinity since 2015 and taught 6th grade at Trinity Centralia (2010-2015) and Lincoln Lutheran (2009-2010). She loves interacting with her students and sharing the love of Jesus with them on a daily basis. 

Francee is married to the studly Ben Kasten who teaches at CORLHS. Together, they have four beautiful daughters:  Ellie, Evie, Wynnie, Emmie all of whom attend Trinity Hoyleton.  Kylo, their Goldendoodle, is the closet thing Francee will ever get to having a pony. 

When she is not teaching or running around with her super cool family, Francee can be usually found at the farm baling hay or tending to the goats, or at home eating Chick-Fil-A and drinking unsweetened tea.